Google Earth

Google Earth is a three dimensional map of the Earth.  With this map you can zoom in, zoom out, tilt, pan, and fly through any location on Earth.

I have created a file that can be used in Google Earth to take you con a virtual tour of the travels of Trujillo families.  click here for the google earth file.

The Journey of Rafael Trujillo I and Hijinia Reyes

Sometime around the late 1880s. our ancestor Rafael Trujillo I took Hijinia Reyes as his wife somewhere in or around the City of Aguascalientes, Ags.  They headed North.

They are known to have had their fist son, Alvaro Trujillo in the town of Gomez Palacio.

Their daughter, Rosa Trujillo, was born in a suburb of Gomez Palacio, known as Lerdo, Dur about 1893.

They headed North again to the City of Chihuahua, Mexico and then West to the town of Pedernales.  It was in Pedernales that their daughter Eloisa was born about 1902.

They moved West again to the town of Temosachic.  It was here that their son Jose Rafael Trujillo II was born in 1906 and their daughter, Henriquetta was born in 1908.

From Temosachic, they left in the cover of darkness with several other families and moved to Juarez, Chi.  They are known to have left behind Mateo, a younger brother of Rafael Trujillo I.

They crossed over into the United States of America at the Port of El Paso on February, 17, 1909. 

In 1910, Rafael Trujillo I and Hijinia Reyes were owners of a blacksmith shop in Old Mesilla, NM.

About 1912, Rafael Trujillo I, moved his blacksmith shop to Elephant Butte to support the building of the Elephant Butte Dam. 

By 1916, Rafael Trujillo moved his blacksmith shop to Garfield, NM.  It was here in Garfield, NM that Rafael Trujillo died on October 21, 1916 and was laid to rest in the "Old Garfield Cemetery"

It is estimated that by the time of his death, Rafael Trujillo and Hijinia Reyes had traveled more than 1275 miles by wagon with blacksmith tools, equipment, and family in tow.

Hijinia Reyes lived until August 27, 1963 and was laid to rest in the "New Garfield Cemetery"